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All About Lead

Let us get acquainted with few facts about lead

Are you aware to the following facts?

LEAD PERILS: Exposure to lead can severely affect health of young children and even babies in mother’s womb.

LEAD PERILS: Seemingly healthy children can have high levels of lead in their bodies.

LEAD PERILS: Inhaling or swallowing lead dust and/or eating contaminated soil and/or paint chips are common sources of lead exposure.

LEAD PERILS: Lead hazards can be reduced in many ways, more often than not lead-based paints which are in good condition do not comprise of a hazard. Though removing these paints in improper manner can cause serious lead hazards.

After reading some of very common facts about lead you must be inquisitive to know more, especially about how to protect your family from its hazards; you just need to go through below mentioned few simple steps:

Health Hazards of Lead

Places where exposure to lead may occur

Generally speaking there is a direct and positive relationship between age of your home and lead content you may be exposed to. The older the home, the more likely it was painted with lead based enamels and lead pipes were used for the plumbing. Both of these are potential health problems for your family.

A professional inspection and lead testing are essential to your family’s safety!