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Commercial Building and Property Inspection is a job requiring a specialized skill set.

You might require a commercial property or building inspection service either because you are looking to invest in a commercial property or because you wish to know the extent of property maintenance that may be required. We offer you state licensed and nationally certified professional property inspectors with decades of on-site experience.

Our professional commercial property and building inspectors are required to adhere to stringent professional standards and provide accurate commercial property inspections and assessments. This includes everything from the initial walk through with photographic documentation of the specific site conditions (at the time of the inspection) thru the production of the finished report.

Property inspectors work with a team of engineers, geologists and specialized consultants if and when necessary to provide you with a comprehensive analysis report of the property or real estate in question.

Who Should Have a Commercial Property Inspection Conducted?

If you’re in charge of a commercial building or property such as a factory, lab, strip mall, office building or even a motel- hotel, the care and maintenance must be a priority. A commercial property inspection gives you a detailed analysis of the state of your property as well as a clear sense of the kind of work and investment you will need to insure the optimal building operating condition.

Such inspections are also highly recommended to those investing in commercial properties before any investments are made. There may be times when a vendor or agent is covering up certain infrastructural complications in order to sell. In such cases, hiring your own commercial property inspector ensures that you know exactly what you’re investing your money in and the current condition of the property.

What Do Commercial Property Inspections Entail?

A commercial property or building inspection may vary in scope depending upon the level of due diligence.

As a rule of thumb, inspections involve the collection and organizing of relevant information regarding the condition the property is in. Information is collected via a physical observational walk through as well as by reviewing building data (previous inspection reports included) and by interviewing relevant personnel such as building managers.

Building data research may include building plans, occupancy certificates, invoices for repairs conducted and other relevant paperwork.

This step by step process allows for meticulous gathering of the information needed to produce a complete and expansive final property condition report. The final report elaborates on issues as well as potential complications that might arise with the commercial property or building in question.

Who do We Cater To?

We offer commercial and business property inspections including building and office inspections. These are conducted by professional inspectors providing construction consulting and defect analysis. Specialty contractors and engineers can be engaged for more in-depth analysis.

Our commercial property inspections and commercial pre-acquisition property and building analysis services include property condition assessments, and additional inspection services such as thermal imaging and indoor air quality evaluations.

The business property inspection services offered to clients in San Diego and Orange County, CA include but are not limited to:

  • Commercial building analysis
  • Commercial property inspection
  • Commercial office inspection
  • Motel-Hotel & Resort inspection
  • Shop inspection
  • Warehouse inspection
  • Business property Inspection
  • Medical Facility Inspection
  • Industrial property/facility inspection
  • Strip mall inspections
  • Manufacturing facility inspections

A+ Inspections aims to provide clients with a thorough, complete and diligent property evaluation giving you a clear sense of what condition the property is in at a given time. Our detailed reports may also include full visual documentation of client property specifically addressing all your commercial property related concerns.

We offer clients a range of commercial property inspection options that focus on various elements of property condition. These include:

Clients may also establish the scope and level of due diligence of their property inspection or opt to focus on certain aspects of the inspection such as heating, roof work, fire safety and electrical systems for instance, among others.

It is a combination of expertise, qualifications, experience and industrial awareness along with an attitude where we put our client’s needs first that allow us to guarantee to provide one of the most reliable and comprehensive property inspection services in the region.

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The National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers is the leading organization of it’s kind. As NACBI member we follow and adhere to a professional Commercial Standards of Practice and industry guidelines. Your property condition assessment (PCA) is performed by a board certified NACBI commercial building inspector or thermal infrared thermographer.