Commercial Property Inspection

Commercial Real Estate Inspector

Commercial Real Estate Inspection requires a special set of skills and experience.

All our inspectors are State of California licensed general building contractors or engineers with license in good standing, and many years in the construction industry with on-site experience.

The National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers is the leading organization of it’s kind. As NACBI member we follow and adhere to a professional Commercial Standards of Practice and industry guidelines. Your property condition assessment (PCA) is performed by a board certified NACBI commercial building inspector or thermal infrared thermographer.

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Inspection services cover all commercial property types

We also provide large estate and commercial building evaluations using specialty contractors, geologists and engineers; construction consulting, construction defect, new construction and/or project monitoring and building analysis.

We offer a comprehensive and complete office property inspection and commercial pre-acquisition property inspection including: property condition assessment, construction monitoring, phased inspections, inventory inspections, and true net floor rentable floor area, etc.

We provide commercial building assessment, commercial property inspection, office inspection, shop inspection, warehouse inspection in San Diego, Riverside County and Orange County, CA.

A+ Inspections’ goal is to provide you with a thorough, objective and honest evaluation of the properties true condition at the time of the inspection. In-depth reports with visual documentation of the property include digital photographs. Detailed reports are provided to suit your specific requirements.

We offer five levels of inspection: limited visual walk thru, thermal infrared imaging, maintenance evaluation, engineering evaluation, and environmental evaluation and testing. You choose the level of inspection needed.

Honesty, experience, general construction knowledge, past and current design application and/or installation techniques, reporting style and strict adherence to specific codes of ethics and standards of practice are the key to our best commercial property inspections.

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