Independent Commercial Real Estate Property Inspection

Are you in need of a commercial real estate inspection?  A+ Inspections offers to connect you with some of the most sought after commercial property inspectors in the region.

A certified commercial real estate inspection is undertaken by a commercial property inspector possessing extensive qualifications as well as experience in the field.

A competent commercial real estate inspector will possess decades of experience in the field of construction as a tradesperson.  They will also have experience with managing and supervising projects on site and will have worked with a range of related professionals including engineers, architects and local government municipalities.

These inspectors also pursue ongoing professional development in the form of refresher courses and other classes.  They adhere to a stringent Standards of Practice and abide by a set ethical code.  All inspectors operate under full certification whether in the area of commercial building inspection, thermography, construction inspection or indoor air quality.

Commercial inspectors prioritize client interests and work in favor of the client as opposed to the agent or realtor being dealt with.  It is due to this that real property condition assessments provided are unbiased and accurate.

In a nutshell, our property inspectors are highly trained and experienced possessing the skills and knowledge to conduct stringent real estate inspections allowing them to offer clients highly accurate property inspection reports.

Commercial Real Estate Property Inspection Particulars

When performing a commercial real estate inspection, our commercial real estate property inspectors aim to provide a comprehensive evaluation including digital photographs to document the condition of the real estate property at the time of inspection.  Our evaluations highlight physical and structural defects or any areas of concern present for the client.  In order to do this, here are some of the things the inspectors take into account:

  • Foundation
  • Grading
  • Electrical Systems
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Structural

All inspections involve a walk through where observations relating to the state of property are noted.

The final step involves compilation of an extensive final property report which highlights the state of the property as well as potential future problems that may exist (if any).

Who Should Have a Commercial Real Estate Inspection Conducted?

Anyone looking to invest in real estate for commercial purposes should have a commercial real estate inspection conducted.  This would include those looking to invest in vacation rentals, retail spaces, motels and other such properties which can then be used to generate further income.

If you want to ensure that the commercial property you are about to invest in is in good shape, A+ Inspections is a company that will make sure you know exactly what the condition of your property is.

Property Types We Inspect

We offer real estate property inspections to all commercial property types.  These include everything from retail stores and shopping centers to schools and office buildings.  We also cover medical and dental as well as industrial and manufacturing facilities in our commercial real estate inspections.

We provide in depth commercial property inspection services to buyers, sellers, building owners, banks, lenders and to anyone interested in knowing the property condition before purchase or lease.

If you need to have a commercial or industrial property inspection conducted, always connect with an independent commercial real estate or property inspector with the right experience and credentials.

At A+ Inspections, that kind of commercial real estate inspection service standards and reliability is just what we offer!

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