Encinitas Mold Inspection


Encinitas mold inspections are conducted by certified mold inspectors with years of experience and specialized training. Each inspection done in Encinitas is comprehensive and thorough providing you with the insight into the environment of your home or office.

We use of state of the art technology such as thermal infrared camera scanning, air sniffers, and a physical mold inspection of the building inside and out which provide the inspector with the clues and information needed to make a complete mold assessment. Then samples are taken for laboratory analysis. The results are specific and quantitive.


Encinitas mold inspection and testing are done by certified mold inspectors with on site building science knowledge and hands on experience. The inspection process involves a complete visual analysis of the premises by a trained and certified inspector. This may include leak detection using an infrared camera and moisture meters to locate the source of the problem, so it can be fixed. Outdoor air sampling as well as indoor air and surface sampling will be done so as there is a basis for comparison samples. This is done to confirm the presence of a visually suspected mold growth.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing

Indoor air quality (IAQ) testing is also available. These include the use of air sniffers, combustible gas sensors, and sorbent tube testing for specific volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

If you or someone in your home or office is suffering headaches, balance issues, sore throat, nose bleeds, sinus congestion or asthma it could be mold. Protect your family and co-workers

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