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The Use of Thermal Infrared Thermography In Building Inspection

Infrared thermography is the quickest and most efficient method to detect energy waste, moisture intrusion, electrical problems, identify missing insulation, plumbing and structural defects in buildings. An infrared camera shows exactly where the issues are and helps focus the inspector’s attention allowing him to diagnose the areas in need of repair. At A+ Inspections we provide high tech building inspection services for residential, commercial and industrial real estate.

Advantages of thermal infrared thermography:

Thermography measures surface temperatures by using infrared lightwaves. The infrared camera sees light that is in the infrared light spectrum allowing the inspector to see in a non invasive manner what is going on behind and in the walls. The resulting images help the inspector determine whether there is a issue that needs to be addressed. This tool also serves as a quality control tool, to ensure that proper insulation and weatherization have been achieved. Due to such a non invasive method of inspection damage to the building is no longer an issue.

Nondestructive Inspection

Because of the nature of the inspection cutting holes in the walls for samples or visibility is no longer a factor. The infrared camera see’s right thru the wall and allows the inspector to see the problem directly. Thermal imaging technology can also be used for scanning power transmission lines, exhibit overheating joints and parts in mechanical or electrical equipment requiring the elimination of potential hazards.

Preparing for the Infrared Inspection

To prepare for an interior thermal scan, the property owner should take steps to ensure an accurate result. The most accurate thermographic images usually occur when there is a large temperature difference at least 20°F/14°C between inside and outside air temperatures. This is normally achieved by turning on a heating or air conditioning unit at the time specified by your inspector.

The National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers