Commercial Retail Property Inspection

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Commercial Retail Property Inspections within the areas of both Orange County and San Diego are undertaken by professional commercial retail property inspectors operating under full certification and licensing with over 30 years experience.

If you have a commercial retail property that you are looking after, own or wish to invest in, you will want to have a commercial retail property inspection conducted.

A+ Inspections offer property inspection services in the San Diego and Orange County areas catering to a range of establishments and properties.  Some of the retail properties we provide inspections for include:

  • Fast food/sit down restaurants & bars
  • Single retail spaces
  • Strip malls/shopping centers
  • Multi-tenant buildings
  • Motels/hotels & resorts

We also work with commercial retail properties which may not be listed above but fall under the commercial retail property category.

Scope of Work

Our complete and comprehensive retail property inspection services cover everything within your building from the ground up.  Our retail property inspectors adhere to a stringent Standards of Practice as well as a strict ethical code.  All inspectors are fully certified by way of national industry requirements.

Simply speaking, inspections involve a walk through and observation phase followed by a physical inspection of your property.  After the required assessments and observations have been made, our commercial property inspectors provide clients with in depth reports elaborating on the condition of your retail property and highlighting areas of concern.

Types of Retail Property Inspections available:

  • Limited Visual Walk-thru
    This involves a property inspector making visual observations of the subject property.  The inspection covers over 450 components of the building from the roof to the foundation. Our Standards of Practice lists everything we cover.
  • Thermal Infrared Inspections
    Infrared surveys are an exceptional non-invasive tool for diagnosing problems with commercial industrial structures.  Issues related to water intrusion, insulation defects, construction quality, air infiltration and more can be seen in real-time using current thermal imagers.
  • Indoor Air Quality Evaluations & Testing
    This is specifically a physical examination of the property for moisture intrusion and air quality.  This includes testing for leaks, mold and volatile organic compounds that may erupt from materials within the building or property and ventilation systems et al.
  • Roof Inspections
    Roof inspections determine the condition of roofing and elaborate on if and where repairs may be needed.
  • EIFS
    This is a specialty inspection and not part of the typical inspection.  This is where structural particulars relating to the insulation and water proofing as well as details not part of your typical property inspection are taken into account.
  • Enhanced Inspections
    This involves an in depth property inspection complete with photographs and thermal imaging.  Indoor air quality evaluation and testing may be added as well.  Clients may highlight areas of relevance relating to the property for the inspector to take into account.

Where do I Start?

If you’re looking to invest in a commercial retail property or need to get an idea of the kind of repair and maintenance needed these inspections are extremely beneficial.  If you’re working with anything from a building complex or motel to a school or retail store you stand to benefit from property inspection of this sort.

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