San Diego Infrared Inspection

When buying or renting a home or commercial property in San Diego County, an infrared inspection is an absolute must to protect your investment from faulty construction and possible mold. It is imperative that you make sure that you are hiring a certified infrared thermographer in San Diego to ensure that you receive the best infrared inspection possible. During an infrared inspection the inspector’s job is to quickly and accurately locate and document heat loss, cold air penetrations, pinpoint missing, damaged, missing or wet insulation, broken pipes, hot spots in electrical panels and wiring.


  • Infrared thermography as a non-invasive diagnostic tool allows the thermographer to diagnose problems with the building envelop & pin point construction defects
  • Quickly locate the specific problem and find the source thereof
  • Using state of the art technology your thermographer is able to catch potential problems before they become big problems — saving you time and money!


Infrared can detect a plumbing leak in a concrete slab floor, radiant floor heating, drywall ceilings and walls.


Infrared scanning done by a knowledgeable San Diego thermographer can detect the heat loss or gain of your building, saving you money on your heating and cooling.


Overheating electrical connections can start fires. You may have heard of a fire in your area that it was caused by “faulty wiring”. Often this is caused by overloaded circuits, frayed or faulty wiring, or a bad circuit breaker. A certified San Diego infrared inspection could save the lives of your family and loved ones.


Early detection can prevent major problems such as wood rot, termites, beetles, and MOLD. The infrared camera does not see mold, but moisture. The temperature difference between the surrounding building material and the spot of the anomoly is where the certified inspector thermographer will check with a moisture meter and or a borescope. If the spot is found to have moisture intrusion then your inspector may take an inner wall air sample to send to the laboratory for mold testing. Upon receiving lab results remediation may be recommended. Early detection can save your home and the health of your family.


Your San Diego infrared inspection is provided by a trained and certified thermographer with years of experience. Your San Diego infrared thermographer has a thorough knowledge of the building envelop, with years of construction experience, and specialized training at the nation’s leading training facility – FLIR Infrared Training Center.

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