San Clemente Mold Inspection Service

San Clemente mold inspection service is provided by A+ Inspections. The most comprehensive investigation and report on the market includes color photographs and laboratory results!

Your Inspection

Your certified mold inspection and testing are only part of this process. A physical examination of the building inside and out is followed by an infrared scan to locate areas of potential water intrusion. Than a moisture meter is used to check for current levels of moisture. Once the problem area is located, samples are taken. The samples sent to the laboratory for analysis.

The air conditioning and heating system are examined for potential mold infesation. The windows and doors are examined for leaks. All plumbing fixtures are examined for possible leaks. The entire building is given a physical – just like when you go to the doctor for a complete physical.

Your Inspector

Our San Clemente mold inspection service is available for residential and commercial mold inspections. Our inspectors are certified and have years of experience. San Clemente mold inspection services are expanding to include numerous environmental tests (See list of services).

If you suspect mold, allergens, VOCs, formaldehyde, radon, asbestos, water intrusion, or some other cause for health problems you need to call A+ Inspections – San Clemente Mold Inspection Service.

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